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  • What do I do if amount of juice is little?
    Solution- All produce is different, with freshness often times determining the amount of juice in it. To extract more juice out of refrigerated produce, soak them in clean water. When juicing, combine low fiber foods (such as carrots) with high fiber foods (such as kale) to decrease the moisture of the pulp and increase the amount of juice. Check if the pressure silicone is assembled properly. Also, cut hard ingredients down to size.
  • Is it a problem if the juicing bowl is shaking in middle of operating?
    Solution- It is completely normal that juicing bowl shakes or vibrates a little during operation. Check to make sure the rubber feet at the bottom of the unit are in place, and use only on a flat surface.
  • The juicer stops during use. Is it broken?
    Solution- Adding too much food too quickly to the juicer may clog the strainer and/or cause overheating. Wait a few minutes for the appliance to cool down again. Once the motor starts, use the reverse button to unclog the food. Also disassemble the parts and clean the strainer.
  • The lid is stuck after juicing. What can I do?
    Solution- There may be extra pulp accumulated underneath the juicing screw. Firmly press down the center of the drum lid while turning it counte r clock wise to open. Also try pressing “ Reverse ” to unclog any food.
  • Motor stops during use
    Solution- Check if the plug is plugged properly. Also check to see if any food is clogged in the machine. Push the “Reverse” button to dislodge any food that may be stuck. If the motor still won’t start, contact your Service Center.
  • I think the worm screw is grinding itself.
    Solution- Try to avoid turning on the juicer if there are no ingredients in it.
  • What to do if the juicer does not start?
    Solution- Check to see if the electrical cord is plugged inproperly. Solution- Check to see if the lid is tightly locked onto the bowl.
  • How do I clean the juicer?
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